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Set Up a Home Theater Anywhere in the House


(ARA) – If the current trends continue, one of the hottest home improvement projects in the New Year will be to add a home theater. In fact, the Consumer Electronics Manufacturer’s Association is predicting that by the year 2010, 30 million American households will have a connected entertainment network in their homes.

Some people will go all out, spending thousands of dollars to transform their basement into a replica of their favorite theater, complete with a projector, pull-down screen and rocking seats. But the majority of home remodelers will take a more conservative approach.

Their idea of a home theater will be to get a new DVD player, set up some additional speakers and to replace their old set with a flat-screen TV. Not so long ago, that option was out of a lot of people’s reach; but prices have come down significantly. Even the discount stores will be carrying the high-tech TVs this holiday season.


So what kind of set will you choose? There are two types of flat-panel TVs to choose from: plasma displays (PDP) and liquid crystal displays (LCD). Both technologies offer incredibly clear and seamless pictures and both are much thinner than traditional CRT TVs, thus allowing many more placement options in the home.

"When flat-screens first came out, everyone would just put them in the same place they had their old TV. Nowadays, there are home theater friendly floor stands and wall or ceiling mounts available to put these technological wonders on display pretty much anywhere," says Keith Pribyl, director of consumer sales for Sanus Systems, a Minnesota company that designs and builds a broad variety of audio video furnishings, mounts and accessories.

TV Stands


If you’ll be spending the majority of your TV watching time in the living room, family room or den, you may want to invest in one of Sanus Systems’ Platinum Black Flat Panel TV Stands. Their latest offering, Model PFFP2b, can accomodate televisions that are between 30-and 50-inches wide. The stand features a contemporary design with stunning aluminum columns, a beautifully finished base with a piano-quality black lacquer, and a unique wire management channel that keeps even the largest cables organized and hidden from view. It also features the patent pending Virtual Axis fingertip tilting system that provides smooth tilt motion with the touch of a fingertip and stays in position automatically.


If space is an issue, like for instance in a bedroom or den, a pedestal that can be set up in the corner of the room may be a better idea. Sanus Systems’ new Flat-Panel TV Pedestals are as sleek as they are clever with the ability to hold TVs up to 32-inches long with corresponding A/V components.

Model FFSF1A-S1 is available in all black or with a black base and silver column and fits TVs from 17- to 32-inches. It features one adjustable smoked glass shelf. Model FFMF2A-S1 offers either a black or silver base and features two adjustable shelves to accommodate larger A/V systems.

Ceiling Mounts

If you’re extremely cramped for space, like say in the kitchen, you can use a ceiling mount. Sanus Systems VisionMount Model SC1A Flat-Panel Ceiling Mount is designed to fit virtually all 13- to 30-inch LCD and plasma TVs; it has a total weight capacity of 50 pounds and features Virtual Axis technology that offers effortless tilt, swivel and roll control without the use of tools. The VisionMount Model MC1A Flat-Panel Ceiling Mount is designed to fit virtually all 23- to 40-inch LCD and plasma TVs; it has a total weight capacity of 70 pounds and features Sanus’ new Virtual Axis 3D technology which provides effortless tilt, swivel and roll for limitless motion in any direction.

Both models are made of heavy gauge steel and extruded aluminum that provides incredible strength and rigidity. They also feature a wire management channel and allow height adjustment for optimal viewing. These products are currently available in silver and black finishes.

Sanus Systems products are available at thousands of retail locations nationwide; a store locator is available at www.sanus.com.

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