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Easy Backyard Upgrades Improve Outdoor Living

backyard upgrades

(ARA) – In today’s tough housing market, many homeowners are choosing to upgrade rather than move. Home expansions can improve your lifestyle, add beauty as well as protect your investment. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to add living space is to create a backyard sanctuary using low-maintenance tools and materials.

There are several new products on the market that reduce time, labor and costs that will turn your backyard into an entertainment haven you can show off to friends and family. Here are some ideas to create a stress-free backyard retreat:

No Mess with a New Deck
A stylish deck that has the look of real wood but without the maintenance headaches can add living space while reducing upkeep costs. There are several types of alternative materials designed to look like wood – all with their own pros and cons. The exteriors experts at AZEK Building Products (www.azek.com) say a new type of cellular PVC decking resists mold/mildew, scratches from dog paws, greasy food and even red wine.

"Unlike wood and composites, this new generation of decking repels food stains, yet has a natural, wood grain look,"says AZEK’s President Ralph Bruno. He cautions homeowners should always ask for a code report for any decking product, since many building permits require this.

Details that Last for Decades
After installing a low-maintenance deck, dress it up with planters, window boxes, a trellis or pergola. There are beautifully crafted wood look-a-likes on the market that last for years without requiring re-painting. Walpole Woodworkers (www.walpolewoodworkers.com) for example, offers the Freeport Collection, a line of outdoor amenities made with AZEK cellular PVC material that will stand up to harsh weather and frequent plant watering year after year.

Easy Tools Create a Clean Backyard
To create a backyard sanctuary, it’s important to get rid of the clutter. The one item homeowners use all the time is the garden hose, which can often be found spread across the lawn or hung on the side of the house in a sloppy mess. Tools like the NO-CRANK line of automatic hose reels keeps yards clean with little effort.

backyard upgrades

NO-CRANK (www.no-crank.com) is the only automatic hose reel with a patented water-powered engine that rewinds a hose with an easy, single push lever. Some models feature a 360-degree swivel base and an automatic sorting system for even winding, making yard maintenance and cleanup quick and easy.

Block the Season’s Beatings
There are areas of your property that may have become unsafe over the winter season, whether you’re in a freeze/thaw zone or damp and rainy climate. Concrete, stone and brick can especially show signs of wear. Check porch railings, stone steps, retaining walls and chimneys for cracks or chips that can cause accidents.

The caulk experts at Red Devil, (www.reddevil.com), advise that the newer caulk formulations provide a permanent bond for just about any damaged areas. For example, their King Kaulk acts as a sealant, strong adhesive or caulk inside or outdoors. It forms a watertight bond that won’t sag or crack for decades.

Homeowners who are looking for a low-maintenance backyard or outdoor room can now look forward to the next generation of exterior products. Designed to last for as long as your home, they require very little effort and are worry-free. So just relax and enjoy your new backyard retreat, knowing these easy upgrades will also increase your home's resale value and help protect your investment.

backyard upgrades
backyard upgrades

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